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Acuity provides a fresh approach to GRC with software and services which allow you to quickly configure your own GRC solution and prove the benefits before expanding across your organisation. You can download our free single-user edition, watch the on-line training and make a start with getting real value from your GRC.

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For all of your GRC management and reporting needs

STREAM provides technology and services for GRC management and reporting: automated risk registers; management systems automation, including ISO 27001 and cyber security frameworks, ISO 22301 business continuity management, ISO 20001 service management and ISO 9001 quality management; risk and control self-assessments, with integration of data from scanning and monitoring tools for business risk reporting. 

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The STREAM Software

STREAM is an expertly engineered software solution which is easily configurable via the user interface.   STREAM can be customised with libraries of controls, risks, incident categories and asset lists within a few hours. Users can upload pre-configured content from Acuity or easily add their own content to quickly build their own integrated solution covering any GRC category - from cyber risk, IT assurance and supply chain management to Enterprise Risk Management.

The STREAM Product Portfolio

The STREAM Product Portfolio consists of the STREAM software, pre-configured Application content and Productivity Utilities. Multiple editions of the STREAM Single - User (SU) and Multi - User (MU) software are available to match your GRC requirements and budget. Application content includes catalogues of controls, risks, asset classes and assessment schemes with various mappings which can be uploaded to the STREAM software. Productivity Utilities allow you to quickly and easily upload your own content to the STREAM Software.

Uses of STREAM

STREAM supports a wide range of risk and compliance applications, including cyber risk, business continuity, health and safety, environmental, supply chain risk management and corporate risk reporting. The software can be deployed for each of these applications individually or collectively for Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management. 

Business Benefits

By using STREAM to automate your governance, risk management and compliance you will improve the productivity of your GRC resources, save on potentially costly incidents, make better decisions on allocation of resources and enhance your reputation with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. 

Low Implementation Risk

Implementation of GRC software can in itself be a high risk project with multiple stakeholders to satisfy. A STREAM solution from Acuity minimises this risk by allowing you to quickly and easily configure the software to your specific requirements, try it out on a low cost, entry - level system and prove the benefits before rolling - out across your organisation

On-line Training

Comprehensive and free on-line user and administration training is available to all licensed users allowing you to train yourself and refresh when needed. 

Customer-specific training

Our training courses can be tailored to match customers' specific STREAM configurations and can be delivered on-site, by web meeting or as computer - based training. 

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Organisations using Acuity products

  • The Central Bank of Lesotho has been using STREAM to support its Enterprise Risk Management since 2012.  The Bank started initially with Acuity’s free single-user Edition of STREAM extending in early 2014 to a 5 concurrent multi-user Edition and then again to a 10 concurrent user system in 2015.  Acuity recently provided on-site training in to the ERM Team and senior management briefings.  In general we found that the training was well organized and easily followed by all attendees. Relevant training material was sent ahead of schedule to allow adequate reading time prior to training taking place meaning consultancy time on-site was well utilized. The consultant from Acuity Risk Management overall was excellent and delivered the desired objectives that were set out around the needs from the Central Bank of Lesotho.

    Teboho Mpheteng (Mr)

    Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

  • From the onset of the implemention of our ISMS, we needed a system for effectively managing our information assets, risks, controls and events, while being intuitive for staff to maintain; and evidencing compliance with ISO 27001 to a wide range of stakeholders. We are now upgrading our ISMS to ISO27001:2013 and we are sticking with our STREAM implementation. STREAM covers all our requirements, and provides scope for further expansion across the organisation.


    Acuity have been an exemplary supplier, with passionate and extremely knowledgeable individuals, dedicated to providing prompt customer support. 

    Andrew Glencross

    NHS Wales Informatics Service

  • By placing STREAM at the heart of our information security risk management programme we have been able to more easily and effectively demonstrate, as well as manage, compliance to ISO 27001. Having the ability to see the effect that a threat has in real time on the business overall. Information Security Risk profile is not only a valuable feature but increasingly, it is an essential one. The level of detail STREAM offers in managing risks cannot be replicated in a spreadsheet driven risk programme and our business is now looking at implementing STREAM to manage all other forms of risk that the business faces. 

    Graeme McGibbney

    Lifestyle Group

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