Acuity provides an integrated retail risk management and compliance solution for the retail sector.

With STREAM you can:

  • reduce your costs of complying with, and reporting on, legal, regulatory, and policy requirements and standards
  • reduce the risk of incidents, saving costs associated with incident response, direct losses and reputational damage
  • provide assurance and evidence of good governance and risk management
  • manage risks and empower better management decision making.

STREAM will support individual risk and compliance applications (payment card, supply chain, operational risk etc.) or provide a holistic multi-application Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution.

Compliance Management for the Retail Sector
Monitor and report on compliance with retail sector standards, e.g. PCI DSS, national / international standards and clients’ own internal standards.

Risk Management for the Retail Sector
Calculate the real-time residual risk status of all risks that need to be controlled (e.g. payment card fraud, theft, disruption to the supply chain). View summary–level management information on Enterprise–wide risk and compliance status via management dashboards and graphical reports.

Log corporate risks, including potential ‘black swans’, onto risk registers, identify mitigating controls or actions and track risk status in relation to risk appetite.

With a focus on measuring ‘residual risk’ in relation to ‘risk appetite’, STREAM provides automation for risk management processes in accordance with all modern standards, including ISO 31000.


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